Growing food for communities

subsistence food growing with community-driven cooperative entrepreneurship

The microfoodhub project's mission is to support and coordinate the development of subsistence urban food systems for underserved communities.

Residents in underserved communities lack access to healthy and high quality foods due to systemic issues leading to poor health and reduced quality of life. At the microfoodhub project, we bridge social and food justice with community economic development to realize urban well-being.

root issues

food insecurity is only a symptom of many sytemic issues affecting underserved communities, with issues such as poverty and historically unfavorable policies and disinvestment driving the cycle. We believe in breaking the cycle though building access to natural resources, cultivating non-exploitative cooperative community enterprises, promoting healthy food and nutrition, healing through nature and gardening, COMMUNITY economic development and opportunities.

sustainable communities

Climate positive sustainable communities: hyperlocal, community managed supply chains

community assets

utilizing community resources and networks


how it works

Build a micro food hub now!

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